Autumn essentials

Autumn essentials
First month of Autumn has already past, besides one day of snow, there were no major colds. Although I must be honest, I liked the snow.
I would like to share with you a few things that are always with me this Autumn, maybe there will be something you like.

1. Zara coat I bought about 2,5 years ago on sale and I’ve been wearing and loving it all the time since. It’s a little bit pilled and I got a little bit to big for it, but when it’s unbuttoned it still fits 🙂
2. Stradivarius scarf that I call Blankie 🙂 I bought it about 2 months ago when the temperatures dropped under 15-10 degrees and it was the best thing I bought this season. It’s huge, warm and really soft. I don’t go out without it!
3. Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette, although I bought it in may I thinks the colors are toned and suitable for Autumn.
4. Lipsticks: Covergirl, Rimmel by Kate and Rimmel Apocalips, strong colors, that I learned to wear recetly and so far I just love them!
5. Nail polish that may not be everyday on my nails, but I still think their colors are pretty and autumnal. Two from Miss Sporty and one fragranced Revlon
6. TEA! or coffee. Definitely a lot of mugs with warm, delicious beverages to warm myself up.


In addition, I always wear gloves and on my couch sits blanket for cold evenings, when I snuggle in front of my TV.
And what are your Autumn essentials?