Five things that make me happy

Five things that make me happy

I named this blog Pass The Happiness, because I wanted to share with you things that make me happy. But I never realy told you what actually makes me happy, I was just posting about different things. Some of those made me happy but some didn’t and I wasn’t quite specific about it. So, here it is:

Things that make me happy

1. Singing. It’s been always with me, since I learned speaking. I often forget indicating singing as my hobby or favourite thing, because it just is, with me, 24h/7days a week, with no break. I dream of an opportunity of singing on a big stage one day…

2. Receiveing flowers. My boyfriend is not the romantic one, so he barely shows his affection in this kind of way. But when he does, I can grin whole day just thinking about this small gesture of his. And it is not only, when he gives me flowers, but when he does things that he usually does not.

3. Taking good pictures. Trying to do my best in photography and seeing good results is one of the most compensating things in my life. Actually, doing good in any discipline that you love if a great reward for your effort. Than it’s not a surprise that this reason made into this post.

4. Being appreciated in my job. I changed my job not so long ago, 9 months. I challenged myself to be better than in my previous one and I tried really hard to be a good new joiner. Except few thing that I am struggling with, I know that I’ve been doing a good job since February and I am joyful that I somehow, at least partially, accomplished my goal.

5. Being amongst people that I get along well with and can have a good laugh with. Fortunately, I found ones like that not only in my private but also in proffssional life and it makes everyday job much more easier and less stressful if you have a good companion for at least 8 hours a day.

And what are the thing that make you happy? I’d love to read some in your comments!